Other Services and Fees


  • CFCU $1000 Furthering Education Scholarship available each year. Applications are available in the office and are due before April 30th.
  • Knoebel’s Amusement Park tickets can be purchased at the CU office.
  • Birthday card for Children 12 and under ($1.00 sent and when brought back in for deposit another dollar added.

Fee Schedule

Stamps $0.55 each
Photocopy $0.10 /pg
Fax Incoming$0.10 /pg
 Outgoing$0.25 /pg
Money Orders Maximum amount $1000$1.00
 Stop payment fee$5.00 each
 Search / copy fee$2.00 each
WiresOutgoing Domestic Fee$15.00 each
 Incoming Domestic Fee$5.00 each
 International Wires - no participation 
Draft AcctsOverdrafts from savingsFree
 Replacement Debit card$10.00
 4 Starter checks print $1.00
 Overdraft fee (Returned NSF item)$25.00
 ATM POS EFT withdrawal (dishonored)$25.00
ChecksSearch / copy fee$1.00 each
 Deposited item return fee$27.50 each
 Stop payment on Credit Union issued check$35.00
 Check ordering ( Deluxe)Costs vary
ACH or ChecksStop payment fee$5.00 each
ACH-NSF Return item$25.00
ACH-On demand trans1/Qtr- FREE/ $10 fee for additional requests$10.00
Inactive account feeIf under $100.00$5.00/quarter
Late payment feeConsumer loans - after 10 days$5.00
 HELOC loans – after 10 days$10.00
Skip a payment fee one time /year & max 5 times per life of loanFree
Notary Service Donation
Items sent to collection Costs vary
Return Mail/ Incorrect address $5.00
Research feeStatement reconciliation fees, account research fee$25.00 /hour
Legal Process Costs vary
Accurate as of 5/1/2021.
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