Moving forward together!!

We are upgrading to better serve our members! We are working hard to ensure the systems upgrade will be as seamless as possible! The system upgrade will take place the weekend of March 13, 2021. The office may be closed on 3/12/2021 to prepare for the conversion.
WHAT’S CHANGING & STAYING THE SAME, while change can be scary, we are more excited than anything. Why? This upgrade gives us the ability to provide you with services we weren’t able to provide previously; services that will improve your financial experience.

As with any change of this size, there may be some growing pains. The CFCU team has been working hard to minimize any service disruption, but there will be some minor inconveniences as systems go offline for the upgrade. At the end of the day, this change, and resulting improvement, is for you. We hope that you bear with us as we move our systems forward and we thank you for your loyal membership. More information will be coming your way in the next couple of months. If you have questions or concerns at any time during the systems upgrade process, please call or email us.

Things that will NOT change with our systems upgrade.
Your Member Account Number
• Your existing base account number(s) will remain unaffected by our systems upgrade.
Your MasterCard Debit Cards
• Your existing debit cards will continue to work after our systems upgrade.
• Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) also remain unaffected.
• You can continue to use your current supply of CFCU checks.
• When you are ready to restock, contact the credit union.

What will be changing:
Account Suffixes– Shares (savings) = your acct#-000, (example 4109999-000)
Checking = your acct#-070 (example- 4109999-070)
Clubs = your acct#-006-010 range (example – 4109999-006)
1 year certificates = your acct# -300-325 range (example -4109999-300)
loans will also have a different suffixes
Online Banking Website and Log-in- IT’SME247-You will need to re-enroll BUT this will be available through your devices, there will be no need to come into the office for re-enrollment. Step by step instructions will be mailed to you in February.
Automatic Transfers– You will need to reset your automatic transfers IF they were originally set through online banking.

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