We raised our Share Certificate APY** rate to 0.802%
Stop in and set up a CD to take advantage of this opportunity! Members with a current CD will see this take affect at their next roll over.

**The APY is accurate as of March 13, 2018. Minimum $1000.00
must remain on deposit for one year to earn advertised APY. An early
withdrawal penalty may be imposed on the share certificate.
Home improvements in your future?
Our HELOC (Home-equity loan line of credit) option might fit the bill for paying it.

Up to $50,000 at
*4.00% APR

*The CFCU HELOC has no application fee. HELOC’s are available for up to 80% value of your home (less first mortgage) or maximum of $50,000 with a total repayment term of up to 12 years. The current rate of 4.00%, which is fixed for a period of 3 years. After 3 years, the rate is adjustable and based on Wall Street Journal Prime – 1%. All loans are subject to credit approval and some restrictions may apply.

The CFCU is an Equal Housing Lender
Important info about Your CFCU MasterCard....
Did you know:

1. Traveling???? Notify the CU office when planning to use your debit card. This is important so that your card does not get blocked due to possible fraudulent transactions.
2. Spending limits on your debit card are:
a. $1100 per day on purchases
b. $305 per day on ATM withdrawals
i. ATM surcharge FREE options are: Sheetz, Walmart, IR Federal Credit Union, P&G Employee FCU, and Guthrie FCU.

Knoebels gizmo
Knoebels $10.00 books of “ride only” tickets are
available for purchase at the cu office for only $8.00/book.
10:00am – 5:00pm
Holiday closings

Closed- Monday, September 3, 2018
DIVIDEND RATES ON SHARE ACCOUNTSThe following dividend rates and *Annual Percentage Yield for the 2nd Quarter of 2018 will be paid on all share balances of $100.00 or more:

Share Bal. *Rate/APY
$100-$9,999.99 0.25%
$10,000+ 0.50%

Dividends were posted to the share accounts on June 30, 2018. Contact the credit union office for more information about fees and terms applicable to the accounts.
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