In an effort to protect our staff and members from the spread of the COVID-19, we are asking all members to help in this effort by calling the CU office or emailing one of our staff to handle items that don’t need to be handled in person such as account transfers, skip a payment options, home-banking login issues, loan applications, etc.
Primary phone number 570-265-8410
If we don’t answer or the line is busy on the primary phone due to helping other members simply call 570-268-9006

Please heed the following office procedures if you must come into office:
• Deposits can be dropped off through the mail slot on front door at the office, at any time. Simply write your name and amount on the envelope.
• The CFCU will limit the number of members in the CU office to a 2-member maximum. If you come to the office and see cars in the parking lot, we ask that you stay in your vehicle until a member leaves the premises.
• Please Sanitize your hands when you enter the CU office.
• Or Simply call ahead and we will bring your withdrawal to your vehicle.
• Loans are by appointment only

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.
The CFCU Board of Directors and Staff

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