CFCU Volunteers Needed

Won’t you consider adding to the strength of your CFCU by volunteering to serve as a team member on a committee.

There are 2 openings at the Craftmaster Federal Credit Union. One on the board of directors and one on the supervisory committee.

The board position requires some financial knowledge.  You will need to attend monthly meetings, where you will review and approve policies, financials, security, insurances, etc.

The supervisory committee basically serves a vital watchdog function for the credit union. The supervisory committee hires a third party to perform an annual audit of the credit union. It also conducts a bi-annual verification of member accounts and monitors office staff for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and the credit union’s own policies/procedures on a regular basis.

Important note:  Each position only requires about one to 1 ½ hours of your time each month.

If you are interested in either volunteer position, please submit a letter of interest stating why you want to serve as a member of the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee for the Craftmaster Federal Credit Union.  All letters of interest should be submitted to the credit union office ASAP.

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